G7 Compliance Studies

Each year since 1996, the G7 Research Group has produced a compliance report on the progress made by the G7 member countries in meeting the commitments issued at each summit. Since 2002, the group has published an interim report, which assesses progress at the moment of transition between one country’s year as host and the next, and a final report issued just before the leaders’ annual summit. These reports, which monitor each country’s efforts on a carefully chosen selection of the many commitments announced at the end of each summit, are offered to the general public and to policy makers, academics, civil society, the media and interested citizens around the world in an effort to make the work of the G7 more transparent and accessible, and to provide scientific data to enable the meaningful analysis of this unique and informal institution. Compliance reports are available at the G7 Information Centre at www.g8.utoronto.ca/compliance.

The G7 Research Group is an independent organization based at the University of Toronto. Founded in 1987, it is an international network of scholars, professionals and students that has as its mission to serve as the leading independent source of analysis on the G7. The group oversees the G7 Information Centre, which publishes, free of charge, research on the G7 and also publishes official documents issued by the G7.

To make its assessments, the G7 Research Group relies on publicly available information, documentation and media reports. To ensure the accuracy, comprehensiveness and integrity of these reports, we encourage comments and suggestions. Indeed, this is a living document, and the scores can be recalibrated if new material becomes available. All feedback remains anonymous and is not attributed. Responsibility for this report’s contents lies exclusively with the authors and analysts of the G7 Research Group.

2013 Lough Erne Compliance Report

2012 Camp David Compliance Report

2011 Deauville Compliance Report

For the full archive of related compliance research and analysis please visit the G8 Information Centre G8 Information Centre